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What is KAP (Kundalini Activation Process)?

in the words of KAP Founder, Venant Wong


KAP is a safe and natural modality that works with your body’s energetic system to restore equanimity in the body.

During a session you receive a direct transmission of life force energy and through the process of surrender the energy is allowed to move in and through you, gently detoxing every cell and clearing out old patterns, beliefs, wounds, memories and/or emotions that are keeping you stuck. The energy is intelligent and will only give you exactly what you are prepared to receive. After the session is when the magic truly begins. You may notice shifts in your behavior, perception, and how you respond in your internal and external environment. No prior experience is needed. All that is asked of you during a session is for you to lay down with an open heart and an open mind and receive.


What will I experience during a KAP session?

We are all unique individuals experiencing the world in our unique way. There are some common experiences that participants have shared during KAP sessions which include:

Energetic Experience

You may be still but feel energy pulsing through your body. This can feel like tingling in your fingers, toes, arms, legs, head, chest, and/or pelvis. You may feel the energy making a circular pattern from your pelvis to your throat. You may feel incredibly grounded as if your body is glued to the floor. It is common to feel hot and cold at different times during the transmission.

Visual Experience

You may see visions from childhood or other times in your life or past lives. Your third eye may get activated. You may see colors, lights, and/or images and go on astral journeys.

Emotional Experience

You may feel anger, sadness, fear, joy or any emotion. The emotion may come in waves so it's possible to feel a wide range of emotion during one session. You may want to laugh, cry, scream, sing, or chant. You could find yourself speaking light language or foreign languages that you don't speak in your daily life. This is a safe container and all emotional release is welcome!

Kinesthetic Experience

Your body may start to move spontaneously. This can look like spinal waves, stretching, yoga poses, shaking, dancing, mudras, and more. Whether or not you move is not important. We all have different ways of processing emotion. Some people process internally and others process more externally. The important thing is to allow your body to move without letting the mind interfere.

Blissful Experience

You may find yourself in a state of bliss overflowing with love and gratitude. You may feel a sense of oneness and connection to everyone and everything. You may feel perfect happiness or be in a state of calm, peace, and clarity.

What happens if I don't feel anything?

10-20% of participants do not feel anything during the session but still report life changing experiences in everyday life.  Everyone is sensitive to this energy. Some people may need more sessions than others to fully surrender. The more KAP transmissions you receive the deeper you will go. The energy will meet you where you are in the moment. It's best to arrive with no expectation and let the energy guide you.


"I wasn't sure what to expect, or how I would feel, but magic did happen. It was a great experience. I've had an inside calming effect. Things that usually would stress or irritate me, have somehow subsided. I feel very light inside."


"I wasn't expecting to feel any different or see any changes because I felt I held back during the session. I felt amazing the day and weeks after my KAP experience. Clear mind, just great and so full of love."

"KAP is the path of surrender

you simply open to what is. Open to the force that's happening.

What makes KAP different is that there are two transmissions going on at the same time, the Kundalini transmission and the non-dual state of consciousness transmission.

An awakened Kundalini body is a bridge to take you deeper into consciousness, and a bridge from your consciousness back into life."

-Venant Wong, Founder of KAP

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